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Key Facts:
Project start: 1 January 2011
Project end: 31 December 2012
Funding Scheme: European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
(Coordination and Support Action)
EU Contribution: 1,423,082 €
Grant Agreement Nr: 263962


Coordinator: Collaborating Centre
on Sustainable Consumption and
Production (CSCP)
Project Director: Cheryl Hicks
Project Manager: Nora Brüggemann

EC Scientific Officer: Perla Srour-Gandon

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SPREAD About the Project

To whom it may concern

SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 is by nature a European social platform, aiming to actively involve a variety of different actors:

Academia and research

Academia and researchers will have the opportunity to use this project as a basis for consultation and knowledge exchange, as well as for defining future European research agendas on sustainable lifestyles. Researchers and Educators will also find the space to turn their findings into practical applications and source from the experience of practitioners to strengthen their role as pillars for knowledge and innovation. Their involvement is what provides a common language to all actors and facilitates the dialogue and exchange of ideas and commitments.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

Within the project the CSO community will find the means to improve the quality of performance of the not-for-profit sector, to collaborate with other stakeholders in building a common vision and weaving thriving and healthy structures that enhance a sustainable lifestyle.


Select Citizens and Community Representatives will be able to share their viewpoints, contribute to the development of research and policy agendas and help the society to envision the world they aim to live in the People’s Forum. Their real world experiences will help to test the project’s outcomes from the perspective of everyday life. The general public has the possibility to contribute and to comment each of the developed material at the Online Community created by the project.

Policy makers

Policy-makers from the European, national and local level are the key target group of the project’s roadmap, that sets out various concrete action and research recommendations. The suggestions aim to foster partnerships and collaboration for designing, developing and replicating visionary and ambitious institutional frameworks that enable local and international regulations to shape the way businesses operate and societies develop their lifestyles towards more sustainable forms of consumption and production.


Business will find in the project the inspiration, tools and opportunities to leverage their activities and widen the impact their businesses or investments have on societal growth, economical well-being and environmental preservation.


Media Producers and Communicators as main vehicles for raising awareness will get valuable insights about sustainable lifestyles, new policies and government and business initiatives for sustainability alike. New concepts and ideas to visualize sustainable lifestyles will inspire Advertisers and Journalists for new ways of story-telling about current and future consumption and production patterns.