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Key Facts:
Project start: 1 January 2011
Project end: 31 December 2012
Funding Scheme: European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
(Coordination and Support Action)
EU Contribution: 1,423,082 €
Grant Agreement Nr: 263962


Coordinator: Collaborating Centre
on Sustainable Consumption and
Production (CSCP)
Project Director: Cheryl Hicks
Project Manager: Nora Brüggemann

EC Scientific Officer: Perla Srour-Gandon

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SPREAD Project Consortium

Project Coordinator

Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production gGmbH (CSCP, Germany)



The overall coordination of this 24-month project is the responsibility of the Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Consumption and  Production (CSCP).

The CSCP contributes to the Plan of Implementation agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 to promote sustainable patterns of consumption and production by providing scientific support to activities undertaken by UNEP and other organisations in the field of SCP. This support includes the development, testing, implementation and monitoring of concrete projects, especially in developing countries, using life cycle thinking and regional perspectives as guiding principles. The CSCP works with national governments, regional and local authorities, the private sector, and consumer groups and supports for capacity building and training approaches as an integral part of its programmes.

The CSCP works in the areas of ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) for National and Local Development’; ‘Changing Individual and Institutional Patterns of Consumption;’ and ‘Encouraging Responsible Industrial Development’. Since its foundation, the CSCP has extensive experience in organising stakeholder dialogue events addressing a range of players.

During the duration of the SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 project, CSCP is the project manager and responsible for planning, budgeting, personnel and knowledge management. CSCP is also the lead for organising the launch conference and coordinating the communication and dissemination.

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